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halvor - The latest addition to the Norwegian indiepop scene. Born and raised in the cold east of Norway, he has spent 20 years playing the guitar and singing in various rock bands, such as Porterville, Honcho and DDR among several others. He has been part of several critically acclaimed albums, played national television, and toured in Europe.


After all those years, Halvor decided to go solo. He had a need to express his music and inner self in a different way. In cooperation with producer Sven Andréen he has developed his sound and his songs to become what they are today. Melodic, modern and beautiful pop music.


Halvor’s debut single - ‘Into the Unknown’ - was released in October 2017.

His latest single - ‘Running Scared’ - was released in March 2020. Aavailable on all streaming services. Music videos are available on Facebook and YouTube. Album due for release November 13th 2020.

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