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«Behind the clouds, the sun always shines». This slightly worn phrase could not have been more wrong, halvor’s debut album 'Charades and Masquerades' taken into consideration. What appears to be harmonic and nice pop music, contains a darker message about how the world can be - depending on how you see it.


'Charades and Masquerades' is an epic indiepop-album, containing hard hitting rock-inspired parts, fragile ballads and personal lyrics. Dualism is the key, and it shows an artist with multiple sides. If you can see through the beauty in the music, a darker and more twisted part of halvor appears in the lyrics and what lies underneath. halvor’s story is about perspective. As a situation can be considered perfect for someone, it might as well be a pure nightmare for someone else. The perspective decides which side of it you will relate to. The beautiful or the ugly. The inside or the outside. The light or the darkness.


The album has been recorded in Klokkereint’s studio, with a view over the cold wintery forest in eastern Norway. In close cooperation with producer Sven Andréen, halvor has made an album that sounds nordic and cold. No compromises have been made, and the album sounds huge and well produced. The sound is based on big synths, heavy drums and rich instrumentation - focusing on the beautiful melodies.

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